Tanvi Harkare, Architecture '21

Jacob Paul, Professional Writing '21

I used to find great delight in the snippets of stranger’s personal lives that I observed while going about my days; facial expressions, funny hats, overheard remarks. Yet these days, the city as a whole feels intimidating. Instead of appreciating it’s randomness, I’m cautious of it’s precarity. Strangers, too, are more enigmatic than they used to be.

Recently I’ve begun asking groups on the street to pose for photos. I’ve hoped that a collaborative efforts will make for photos that are more true than quick observatory snapshots. I often walk away from these encounters reminded of something- what it is, I can’t quite say. Just as the light bounces off of them and veers towards the lens of my camera, my perception of who I am is snatched away and returned anew.

Tai Manheim, Architecture '22

Mollie Serbin, Decision Science '21

Julie Choi, Design '21