Black & White II

Jamie Gruzska, Instructor

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Alex Jackson

My Own Personal 21st Century Nightmare

Carol Huang

Helen Tsui

Joy Zhang

There is something about the light that is reaching out and encompassing the subject, that evokes emotion. Lens flare can be an artistic statement, a beautiful creation and can add an ethereal, dreamlike effect.

Kailyn Fang

body fluidity

In any given photograph, what you see is simply a derivative of me.
Therefore, my body is a fluid matter.
I am whoever I want to be, and my body liberates me from being me.

Spencer Lin

Marika Yang

Mollie Serbin

This is a very small assortment of images from my larger project entitled, Life in Quarantine—a project that documents the food I have eaten during this uncertain time. The meals have kept me alive both through providing sustenance as well as giving me something to keep my mind distracted from the pandemic.

Seiji Murakami

Nature and Humans
When I first photographed the fog at the top of a mountain in 2017, after printing it, it was missing a partner. It wasn't until this past year when I photographed the second image that I knew they belonged together.

Unseen Faces

Tyng Peck

Willem Hinternhoff